Flat Lines Spacer SystemFlatLine System.jpg


This is the best way to install rectified tile that is out there, at least this is my option.

I started my stone installation training in the late 70’s as a labor, this was the times when you had to do your time.

I will leave that for another time.

The Flat line spacers are great for several reasons.

  1. They help make and average install look better
  2. The spacer piece is thin, this allows you to add the sized spacer between the tiles also giving more options for grout lines
  3. You can reuse the wedge piece over (if you don’t loose them or other trades use them to hold the doors open)
  4. When you are done getting the wedges are easy (you will see in the video)
  5. We even rent the wedges, you buy them and use them. Mail them back the unbroken ones to us and we refund 70% of there cost less freight.

I want to say there are other products out there, I am not saying that they are bad.

I just want people to take a look at a different style.