About Our Company

Hello, my name is Steveabout usn P Cronin Sr.

I was fortunate enough to have family that worked hard and worked even harder to teach me that your name is all you have that can be given, that truly has a value. This is only true as long as you work hard to honor your word.

During my growing up days in the late 1960’s our family had bought and built rental units. I was lucky and was raised taking care of and repairing these rental units. For me theses rental units grew into helping with the construction of additional rental units that our family owned and managed.

In the Late 1970’s I started as a framing carpenter and started going to school for A/C repair. In 1984 I started Allstate Air Conditioning, Inc. We sold the company in late 1987 and in 1989 started Allstate Contracting, Inc. We started building homes and moved into remolding of beach front home. This is when we started a precast concrete company that I sold my share in 1989 and moved to O’ Brien Florida. And to this day still live at the same house.

1986 though current we have built or managed the construction of hundreds of homes and commercial projects costing as much as 5.2 million dollars, located in 9 US States. We have helped on projects within the Caribbean and Central America.

Residential homes we have built close to 80 homes and have remolded several hundred if you count kitchens and bath projects. The projects have ranged in cost from several thousand dollar remodels to several million dollars beach homes.

I have been blessed withmy own incredible family, My wife Debbie and I started THE FLOORING ZONE of Lake City along with our four boys Steven, Shane, Sloan and Seth.

Our family all works together, this allows use the ability to personally manage all of our projects. All of the boys are familiar to all of the trades needed to construct a building. Shane at age 15 built his first addition managing the help and ordering all of his own materials. Shane works at THE FLOORING ZONE and travels along with me. He is a part owner of AUTO SALES ZONE LLC. Our used car lot.

Steven runs most of the installs at THE FLOORING ZONE along with travels to projects we are doing out of state and he is also part owner of AUTO SALES ZONE LLC.

Sloan helps with installs and manages the warehouse.

Seth helps with THE FLOORING ZONE and spends a lot of his time out of town with me, 2011 and 2012 Seth spent close to two years working with me in California.

I hope that you will give us the opportunity to work for you and to allow us to help you make your dreams come true on your next project.


Steve Cronin